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There is a sad lack of practical resources for Biotechnology use in schools at present.

However the best site I have found and used is the NCBE (National Centre for Biotechnology Education) Reading University Protocol web site.

You can download all the worksheets with gorgeous easy to follow picture instructions, order any chemicals and equipment you need cheaply and quickly from them and they work! I highly recommend the new TRANSFORMER PROTOCOL.

1. To transform bacterial plasmids and much more the NCBE web site: -
(NB. You will need Acrobat Reader for this site).
It is fabulous for up-to-date genetic news and other information too.

2.To carry out PCR at home in the kitchen using every day chemicals go to: -

3. To carry out Gel Electrophoresis with every day lab equipment and chemicals go to

4. To extract DNA from living things using everyday lab equipment etc go to :-


Worksheet answers and mark schemes.

1. DNA workshop TG.

2. Genetic Engineering

3. Cystic Fibrosis and Gene Therapy TG.

4. Genetically modified Plants TG.