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This website can be used at almost every Key Stage of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, from KS1 (5-7 yrs) to middle secondary pupils ( 13-14 yrs) - although most of the content is geared towards top junior (9-11yrs) and middle secondary (12-14 yrs) students.

Here are some brief notes and resources to help you plan and deliver lessons around the content on the site. I have tried to make all links as relevant as possible in terms of the UK National Curriculum.

If you want these notes in printable format follow the link to the PDF or word document here - download from the table below and print them off at your leisure.

There are quite a few Flash movies scattered around the site - these were written to illustrate key concepts and ideas and are best viewed either over a network or through a video projector or interactive whiteboard. They would also be useful on a stand-alone computer with a large monitor.

Click on the table below for notes on each of the QCA science and history units and where this site fits in. Several web sites and other resources not featured in the main site are included here where relevant.

Teachers in England and Wales wishing the relevant QCA science scheme of work document should go here.

Other relevant web sites can be found in the Reference section.

KS1: 5 - 7 YEARS OLD
UNIT 2E - Forces and Movement - Year 2 WORD PDF
KS2: 7 - 11 YEARS OLD
UNIT 4E - Friction - Year 4 WORD PDF
UNIT 5E - Year 5 - Earth, Sun and Moon WORD PDF
UNIT 6E - Year 6 - Forces in Action WORD PDF
KS3: 11 - 14+ YEARS OLD
UNIT 7K - Year 7 - Forces and their effects WORD PDF
UNIT 7L - Year 7 - The Solar System and beyond WORD PDF
UNIT 9J - Year 9 - Gravity and Space WORD PDF
UNIT 9K - Year 9 - Speeding Up WORD PDF
UNIT 21 - Year 9 - From Aristotle to the Atom - History WORD PDF

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