In Their Own Voices

The following are interviews with people whose long-term involvement with the PISEC program has been life-changing. Most started as participants, with or without friends and family, and over time became PISEC leaders. Most of those profiled here are parents. Because PISEC programs are geared to families, these parents brought their children to events starting at a very young age. As their children grew up in PISEC, they too, became involved with the program. In some cases, children took on leadership roles of their own; in other cases, children's interest in science activities and studies grew over time.

Whether or not individual parents or children go into science-related fields as a result of PISEC, they have become advocates of science as a family experience. Their experiences and attitudes are the key to ensuring the ongoing involvement of their communities in science education, activities, and programs.

Minda Borun
Director of Research and Evaluation
The Franklin Institute