Many people have contributed to this publication. First we must thank Kelly Linker, who as a college intern at The Franklin Institute conducted the initial retrospective interviews with long-term PISEC participants that made us realize the story was worth telling. Additional interns who have contributed to the manuscript include: Clara Cahill, Lindsay Deliman, and Amy Wen. Our co-PI's at the PISEC museums include: Julie Johnson, Cheronda Frazier, and Angela Wenger, New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences; Linda Cairnes, Ron Fricke, and Kathy Wagner, Philadelphia Zoo; and Nancy Peter, Naomi Echental, and Jacqueline Genovesi, The Academy of Natural Sciences. None of the PISEC programs would have been possible without our community partners: Christine and Carl Collins, Edith North, Loretta Ferguson, and Clara Mae Daniels, St. Thomas African-Episcopal Church; Norma Rosa-Santos, Carmen Ubarry Rivera, and Vanessa Jones, LEAP Academy University Charter School; Anita Franks, Falomi Club/Camp Fire USA; Dringa Morris, Helene Smith, and Terry Morgane-Macon, Imani Education Circle Charter School; Le-Quyen Vu, Jacquelyn Jordan, and Maria Thuy, Indochinese American Council; Joe Donawald, Stephen Schaeffer, Aleah Gathings, Andrea Saldivar, Ron Vasquez, and Terry Pittman, Congreso de Latinos Unidos; Betty Lui, Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School; Sister Carol Keck, Kristen Danks, and Reed Davaz McGowan, Norris Square Neighborhood Project; Nia Riddick, Kristy Rivera, and Ariel Arnau, Frankford Group Ministry; Jamal-Kalee Ferguson, Judi Taylor-Dunn, and JoAnn Weinberger, Center for Literacy; Judith Blank, Renee Brooks, and Tommy Head, Ivy Leaf School; and Carol Chew Williams, Cobbs Creek Environmental Education Center. Our thanks to the PISEC advisory committee: Curtis Howard, School District of Philadelphia (retired); Deanna Banks Beane, Association of Science Technology Centers (retired); Beatrice Taylor, Port Discovery Children's Museum (retired); Dale McCreedy, The Franklin Institute; Nicholas Torres, Congreso De Latinos Unidos; Ambra Hook, School District of Philadelphia; Ricardo Martino, formerly of the Norris Square Neighborhood Project; and Ismael Calderon, The Newark Museum. Finally, our thanks to the people who contributed their "voices" to this volume.