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Daniel Fahrenheit and Anders Celsius
This article briefly explains the history behind Fahrenheit's and Celsius's thermometer scale developments.

Joseph Henry
Read a short biography of the man who started the U.S. Weather Bureau (which became the National Weather Service), among other notable scientific achievements.

Charles Macintosh
Using fabric and dissolved rubber, Charles Macintosh invented the first waterproof cloth and went on to create the first raincoats. Read a short history of his work here.

Meteorology Degrees and Career Options
The National Severe Storms Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides practical and friendly advice for those seeking information about a career in meteorology.

Careers in Meteorology
Noah the meteorologist tells you how he became interested in the weather, what his daily life is like, what he had to learn and do to become a meteorologist, and gives you tips on how to pursue a career in meteorology of your own.

Careers in Atmospheric Science
NASA offers information for students seeking to learn about what being an atmospheric scientist entails, and in what types of places these scientists usually work.

Ask an Earth Observatory Scientist
At this site, scientists from NASA will answer your questions about the Earth's environment or climate. Be sure to read the list of questions that other people have already asked.

Ask Dr. Universe
From Washington State University, Dr. Universe provides a friendly and accessible format and as well as lots of valuable questions and answers about the world of science. Users can search a database of previously answered questions and submit questions of their own.

Scientific American's Ask the Experts
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