Use these selected websites for students to explore as part of their investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Plant structures (the edible parts!), the connection between butterflies and caterpillars, mini-worlds, classifications—this amazing site for kids covers all kinds of organism topics in a very engaging, interactive format.

The Adventures of Herman the Worm
This is a truly great site. Introducing Herman the worm, site visitors learn about where he came from, his anatomy, where he lives, what he eats, and why humans can't live without him. This site is fun (and educational!) for adults and kids.

Yucky Worm World
Much like at the Herman site listed above, Wendell the Worm walks young visitors through this site about worms. Learn about earthworms and worms as recyclers, and meet Mary the Worm Woman and Wendell's worm cousins.

The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective Le Plant unlock the mysteries of plant life. Students learn about plants' structures, needs, and characteristics as they wind their way through the exploration. There's a lot of information for kids here, as well as a teacher's guide. | © 2009 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.