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The School District of Philadelphia

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Clean as a Breeze
"Time for Kids" published this interesting article about how solar energy can be used to help people live better lives.

Solar Race Cars

Solar Rollers
Go behind the scenes with a crew of students who participated in the race of a lifetime with their solar-powered race car.


Solar Cooking Archive
Sponsored by Solar Cookers International, this site offers everything you need to get started with a solar cooking adventure. After you follow the design guidelines to construct your solar cooker, you'll be ready to follow recipes for everything from soups to casseroles to desserts.

Building a Solar Oven
Here's another option for solar oven construction instructions.

Solar Hot Dog Cooker
Simple instructions to construct a cooker and use solar energy to cook a weinie.

Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven
These simple instructions help you convert a pizza delivery box into a solar oven. | © 2005 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.