Multimedia Gallery

These links below will lead you to multimedia resources—images, movies, audio, etc.—that will support earth science investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

Asia's Deadly Wave
From "The New York Times," this interactive multimedia package offers a thorough and complete coverage of the December 26, 2004 Tsunami. The site requires registration, but it's free, safe, and definitely worthwhile. The hour-by-hour presentation is particularly informative. This site is intended for teacher use only, as it does include graphic images of the tsunami's destruction that are not suitable for students.

How Tsunamis are Formed
"Discovery Education" offers this six minute video.

Our Earth as Art
The USGS offers these beautiful images of the Earth taken from the Landsat-7 satellite. Chosen on the basis of their aesthetic appeal, this collection of images provides amazing views of our planet the likes of which few have ever seen before. Look for indicators of tectonic activity in images of mountains, volcanoes, faults, etc.

The National Park Service Geologic Resources Photo Search
Looking for exciting (and scientific) pictures of the Grand Canyon, Hawaiian volcanoes, specimens from the Petrified Forest, or another national geologic wonder? This site offers access to over 250 beautiful geologic photos from the national parks. Search by park, year, state, and/or keyword.

The Virtual Cave
Spectacular photography and thumbnail explanations of mineral deposits unique to the cave environment.

San Francisco Bay Area with Fault Lines
Satellite images (urban areas are gray-white) detail the locations of faults with easy-to-see red lines. Be sure to view some of the close-up images. It could be interesting to have students notice how the topography aligns with the faults.

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom Image Gallery
Sophisticated site featuring a glossary and an image gallery that includes hundreds of mineral photos, catalogued alphabetically. This site also aids in identifying mineral samples from results of color, streak, and hardness tests and visual observation.

Origin of the Galapagos Islands
This site offers both information and a gallery of images related to the Galapagos Islands which are located along the Equator, West of Ecuador.

Dive and Discover
This site immerses you completely in three undersea diving expeditions. Earth scientists explore the mid-ocean ridge and take you along for the ride and a live look at the volcanic action at that tectonic spreading center. Also includes video clips and annotated slide shows of science research in action.

A Geologist's Lifetime Field List
Very nice and well-organized archive of links to information, travelogues, and pictures of many classical examples of the world's geological wonders (and some other interesting natural phenomena). See earth materials on a grand scale, in their native locales, and in some of their most spectacular forms. | © 2004 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.