Multimedia Gallery

These links below will lead you to multimedia resources—images, movies, audio, etc.—that will support weather-related science investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

Photographs of Death Valley
This site offers an excellent collection of recent images of Death Valley National Park, as photographed by a geologist.

U.S.G.S. Geography Gallery
Visit this site for pictures: satellite images of change over time; satellite imagery of Antarctica; and the image collections at the National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science.

Coastal Explorations
The coastlines of California and New Jersey are excellent examples of the erosion process. This site has images and video of coastal formation.

Landform Photographs
This site lists links to a wide variety of pictures of landforms.

Into the Canyon
This "virtual fieldtrip" is an on-demand video tour of Grand Canyon National Park. There are companion learning activities to help make the most of the video.

The Virtual Cave
This site is a classic, offering spectacular images of cave formations. | © 2005 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.