Use these selected websites for students to explore as part of their physical science investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

EdHeads Simple Machines
EdHeads presents an investigation of simple machines, from gears and levers to pulleys and inclined planes. The site challenges students to identify simple machines in four parts of a virtual house: the garage, bathroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Gravity Launch
Kinetic City uses a game format to help kids demonstrate their understanding of the force of gravity.

Leonardo's Workshop
Go on an art adventure as you travel back in time to visit Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop. You're on a mission to make sure that someone else who borrowed a time machine isn't causing problems in Leonardo's workshop, and along the way, you'll learn about the inventor and artist.

Lever an Obelisk
This interactive site allows students to manipulate a lever until successfully lifting an obelisk. It's from the PBS Online Teacher's Guide to the "Secrets of Lost Empires" program series. | © 2006 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.