Liquid Air Show

Life in Space
Discover what life is like for an astronaut working and living in Earth's orbit. Experience the effects of microgravity and help build the world's cheapest space suit. A great show for kids of all ages!

Carnival of Machines
Explore the concepts of work and the physics of motion in this dynamic live show. Discover that an object does not have to be complicated to be a machine—it just needs to perform work. Great weekend show for families and requires a lot of audience assistance!

Liquid Air Show
Take part in some extreme science at one of The Franklin Institute's longest-running live shows.

CBS3 Weather Show
Experience the science of weather—to the extreme! Where does our weather come from and what factors make it sunny or blustery? Make a cloud, experience the chilling effects of wind and water and even create a twister on stage!

Science of Fireworks Show
Discover the science behind what makes fireworks sparkle, whistle, and have colors. Uncover the science of pyrotechnic explosions!

Daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs Sheet when you arrive for showtimes and locations.