Papermaking Cart

Try your hand at making a piece of paper, using pulp made from recycled office paper.

Hidden Power
Learn about the many ways we can produce electrical energy.

Super Small Science (Nanotechnology)
Learn about the scale of the nano world, and discover some of the ways this technology is being used today.

Puzzles & Brainteasers
Test your spatial reasoning, logic, and math skills with a variety of physical and mental challenges.

Star Decoder
Use diffraction gratings to discover how light can be used to identify different chemical elements.

Heart Bar
Learn about the workings of the heart as you examine various medical devices, models, and hearts from different species.

Brain Bar
Learn about different areas of your brain and test some of its abilities through various activities. Real and model brains of different species can also be viewed.

Daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs Sheet when you arrive for times and locations.