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Museums Hotlist

Science Centers and Museums

  1. The Junior Museum of Bay County, Florida
  2. The Cradle of Aviation Museum
  3. Historic St. Mary's City
  4. The Miami Science Museum
  5. Deutsches Museum in Muenchen
  6. Smithsonian Institution
  7. Exploratorium San Francisco, California
  8. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Portland, Oregon
  9. Museum of Science Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Science Museum of Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota
  11. Museum of Physics University of Naples, Italy
  12. The Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago, Illinois
  13. St. Louis Science Center St. Louis, Missouri
  14. Ontario Science Centre Ontario, Canada
  15. Liberty Science Center New Jersey
  16. Museum of Life and Science Durham, North Carolina
  17. Museum of History of Science Florence, Italy
  18. National Museum of Science Israel
  19. Leon M. Lederman Science Education Center
  20. Marine Discovery Centre
  21. Great Lakes Science Center
  22. Montshire Museum Norwich, Vermont
  23. Carnegie Science Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  24. Hands On Children's Science Museum Olympia, Washington
  25. The Tech Museum of Innovation San Jose, California
  26. National Museum of Science and Industry London, England
  27. Science Museum, London
  28. Physics Museum Queensland, Australia
  29. Orlando Science Center
  30. California Academy of Sciences
  31. Discovery World Museum
  32. Louisville Science Center
  33. Marian Koshland Science Museum (of the National Academy of Sciences)
  34. Explora Science Center & Children's Museum of Albuquerque
  35. Chabot Space & Science Center
  36. Discovery Science Center
  37. Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Natural History Museums

  1. American Museum of Natural History
  2. Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  3. Museum of Western Colorado
  4. Delaware Museum of Natural History
  5. Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Florida Museum of Natural History
  7. Natural History Museum Los Angeles, California
  8. Field Museum of Natural History Chicago, Illinois
  9. Natural History Museum London, England
  10. Dinosaur Museum Honolulu Community College, Hawaii
  11. Museum of Paleontology University of California, Berkeley
  12. Museum of Natural History and Science New Mexico
  13. Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara, California
  14. Oriental Institute University of Chicago
  15. Royal British Columbia Museum Victoria, Canada
  16. Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection Washington, DC
  17. Natural History Museum, Berne
  18. Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  19. Memorial Museum University of Texas
  20. Canadian Museum of Civilization
  21. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  22. Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
  23. Milwaukee Public Museum

Other Museums and Cultural Institutions

  1. Museums in Russia
  2. The Flashlight Museum
  3. Minnesota Children's Museum
  4. National Museum of Wildlife Art
  5. The Getty Museum
  6. The City Museum of London
  7. Newseum
  8. World Wide Arts Resources
  9. Monterey Bay Aquarium
  10. Vancouver Aquarium
  11. National Aquarium, Baltimore
  12. University of Pennsylvania Museum
  13. University Art Museum, Albany, New York
  14. New England Aquarium
  15. Robert C. Wiliams Paper Museum
  16. South Carolina Botanical Garden
  17. Birmingham Zoo
  18. Nichols Arboretum
  19. Missouri Botanical Garden
  20. Australian National Botanic Gardens
  21. Birch Aquarium at Scripps La Jolla, California
  22. Tennessee Aquarium
  23. New Orleans Zoo
  24. New York Botanical Garden
  25. Macleay Museum New South Wales, Australia
  26. Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, Oregon
  27. Old State House Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas
  28. Ziibiwing Center
  29. The Gailius Collection
  30. The Canadian Museum of Making
  31. World Forestry Center