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Orville Wright: The Art and Science of Aviation, 1914


In 1914, Orville Wright was awarded the Elliott Cresson Gold Medal by The Franklin Institute "in recognition of the epoch-making work accomplished by him, at first together with his brother Wilbur and latterly alone, in establishing on a practical basis the science and art of aviation." Among the many other awards received by Orville Wright are:
  • Numerous honorary degrees
  • Gold Medals:
    • The Aero Club of France, 1908
    • The Aero Club of the United Kingdom, 1908
    • Academy of Sports of France, 1908
    • Aeronautical Society of Great Britain, 1908
    • International Peace Society Medal, 1908
    • United States Congressional Medal, 1909
    • State of Ohio, 1909
    • Aero Club of America, 1909
    • French Academy of Sciences, 1909

  • 1909 and 1924 Chevalier and Officer of the French Legion of Honor
  • 1910 Langley Medal, Smithsonian Institution
  • 1913 Collier Trophy, The Aero Club of America
  • 1914 Elliot Cresson Medal, The Franklin Institute
  • 1917 Albert Medal, Royal Society of Arts
  • 1920 John Fritz Medal, American Association of Engineering Societies
  • Bronze Medal, International Peace Society
  • 1925 John Scott Medal, The Franklin Institute
  • 1927 Washington Award, Western Society of Engineers
  • February 1929, Distinguished Flying Cross, United States
  • 1930 Daniel Guggenheim Medal
  • 1930 Olympiad of the Air Medal
  • 1932 Civitan Medal Badge
  • 1933 Franklin Medal, The Franklin Institute
  • 1936 National Academy of Sciences Membership
  • 1948 U.S. President's Medal of Merit Decoration
  • 1975 U.S. National Aviation Hall of Fame Medals

The Wright Brothers Medal was instituted in 1927 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and recognizes the author(s) of the best paper(s) relating to the invention, development, design, construction, or operation of an aircraft and/or spacecraft.