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Multi-motored Airplanes, 1933


During his lifetime in aviation, Sikorsky received many honorary doctorates in science and engineering; honorary fellowships in leading scientific and technical societies in the United States, Britain, France, and Russia, and the highest honors, including the Cross of St. Vladimir from Russia; the 1942 Reed Award from the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences in New York; the United States Presidential Certificate of Merit in 1948; the 1951 Guggenheim Medal; the 1964 Elmer A. Sperry Award; and the National Defense Award in 1971.

Further awards include: the National Medal of Science, the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, the U.S. Air Force Academy's Thomas D. White National Defense Award, and the Royal Aeronautical Society of England's Silver Medal. The International Aerospace and the Aviation Halls of Fame have recognized his contributions.

A detailed list can be found here.

Cover Sheet for Case File Number 2942. (2.9M)
Committee Report on the investigation of the Multi-Motored Amphibion, February 8, 1933.
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Report on the review of the complete procedure in processing Sikorsky's U.S. patent No. 1,560,869.
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Committee on Science and the Arts Report, to General Committee, Review details of case file on award to Sikorsky for the Multi-Motored Flying Machine, 5/17/1933 (1.6M)