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Multi-motored Airplanes, 1933

Sikorsky S38 Promotional Booklet

"With the year 1928, aviation is seen to be entering upon a new phase. People to whom, heretofore, it has been merely a subject of general interest or, at the most, an occasional thrill, are now beginning to ask themselves whether they should not buy planes of their own to meet their individual needs."

So reads a promotional booklet for the Sikorsky S-38 Amphibion. In the area below you can literally flip through the booklet. Click and drag the first page from the right to the left. Releasing the mouse button will "drop" the page. Clicking the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner will open the magnifying device to more closely examine pages. You can also navigate the booklet by using the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard (click once anywhere in the blue area first or the arrow keys will not apply to the booklet). The right arrow advances while the left reverses. Enjoy!