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Claude E. Shannon: Communications as a Statistical Process, 1955

A Vast Array of Accolades

Claude Shannon has been nationally and internationally recognized for his contributions to science with numerous honorary degrees, awards, and prestigious fellowships and memberships in academic honor societies. Among his awards are an Alfred Nobel Prize and a National Medal of Science, and among his honorary degree conferrers are Yale, Princeton and Oxford University. He was a Bolles Fellow at the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) and a National Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, as well as a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Mathematical Society.

You can view the text of letters sent to Shannon from The Franklin Institute congratulating him on his receipt of the Ballantine Medal by clicking on the thumbnails at right.

The effects of Shannon's work with communication theory were so far-reaching that the Committee on Science and the Arts wondered whether an award even higher than the Ballantine Medal might be a more appropriate form of recognition of Shannon's work. Nevertheless, he was ultimately recognized with the Ballantine. You can view a list of the scientists who were considered for the Ballantine along with Shannon by clicking on the thumbnail at right.

Claude Shannon

Dr. Claude Elwood Shannon. Courtesy MIT Museum.