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Dr. Robert A. Millikan: Fundamental Measurements in Electricity and Radiation, 1937


Robert Millikan received honorary doctorates from twenty-five universities and membership in twenty-one foreign scientific organizations including the French Legion of Honor and the Chinese Order of Jade.

His awards included:

  • The Presidential Medal of Merit, awarded by President Truman "for exceptional meritorious conduct" in service to the nation during World War II
  • The 1913 Comstock Prize in Physics from the National Academy of Sciences for innovative investigation in electricity
  • The 1922 Edison Medal from the Institute of Electrical Engineers for "his experimental work in electrical science"
  • The 1923 Nobel Prize in Physics for the research experiments on the elementary charge of electricity and on the photoelectric effect
  • The 1925 Matteucci Medal from the Italian Society of Scientists for "a fundamental contribution in the progress of science"
  • The 1937 Franklin Medal from The Franklin Institute

The Robert A. Millikan Medal, awarded by the American Association of Physics Teachers recognizes "teachers who have made notable and creative contributions to the teaching of physics."