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Charles F. Kettering: Science of Automotive Engineering, 1936


Charles F. Kettering was a holder or co-holder of more than 300 patents. Their wide-ranging topics include: the motorization of the cash register, the electric auto starter, portable lighting generator, leaded gasoline, Freon refrigerant, automobile paint, an incubator for premature babies, and a treatment for venereal disease.

He received many honorary doctorates and degrees plus dozens of other citations and medals.

His name is memorialized in the Charles F. Kettering Foundation for medical research, the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, the Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital, and Kettering University.

The annual Charles F. Kettering Prize, created by the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation, honors the most outstanding recent contribution to the diagnosis or treatment of cancer.

Charles F. Kettering was awarded the 1936 Franklin Medal by The Franklin Institute for the science of automotive engineering.