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William Jennings, Pioneer Work in Photography of Lightning, 1930

One of Their Own

William N. Jennings was himself a Member of The Franklin Institute Committee on Science and the Arts, the Committee responsible for the review of scientists and inventors nominated for awards. The regulations of the Committee stated that "the Committee could not consider the work of any Member of the Committee unless directed to do so by The Franklin Institute or the Board of Managers." Secretary of The Franklin Institute George A. Hoadley moved that the Board of Managers consider Jennings for award, and the letter at right confirms that his movement was placed before that Board. To read this letter from the Office of the Controller of The Franklin Institute in full, click on the thumbnail at right.

Neat lines of carefully-formed calligraphy on his certificate of award recognize Jennings for his "pioneer work in the photography of flashes of lightning." The accompanying memos include instructions for the printer and the engraver responsible for fashioning The Franklin Institute's awards. You can view the original certificate and the engraving instructions by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Awards Certificate,
"For his Pioneer Work in the Photography
of Flashes of Lightning," 5/21/1930. (1.2M)

Memo for certificate preparation, 4/4/1930. (1.1M)

Memo for medal engraving, 4/4/1930. (1.3M)