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William Jennings, Pioneer Work in Photography of Lightning, 1930

Introduction: William Jennings

In today's world of high-speed, high-resolution digital photography, it seems hard to imagine that just seventy-five years ago the act of photographing lightning strikes was an innovative, award-worthy achievement. The photographer who accomplished this amazing feat was William Jennings.

Who was William Jennings? A scientist? An artist? Both? What were his contributions to the photography of lightning?

These pages hold the answers to these questions and tell the fascinating story of one man's work.

Jennings wrote a letter to The Franklin Institute outlining his original work in the photography of lightning. You can read his words by clicking on the document below.

William N. Jennings Letter
Jennings letter,
to The Franklin Institute,
Page 1, 7/8/1929. (2.4M)
William N. Jennings Letter
Page 2, 7/8/1929. (2.7M)
William N. Jennings Letter
Page 3, 7/8/1929. (2.3M)