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William Jennings, Pioneer Work in Photography of Lightning, 1930

Be Our Guest

Goodspeed acted as a lab partner, mentor, and friend to Jennings. Jennings' high regard for Goodspeed is seen in the following exchange of letters, in which Jennings specifically requests that Dr. Goodspeed be invited to his medal day exercises: "I should very much like to show my old friend D. Arthur W. Goodspeed how much I appreciate his encouragement and assistance in my early Photo Electric work by having him as my special guest on that occasion."

Jennings' complete guest list for his medal reception can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Secretary to Jennings
Secretary to Jennings, inquiring about family or friends he would like invited to Medal Day ceremonies, 5/1/1930. (1.5M)

Jennings to McClenahan
Jennings to McClenahan, a guest list for Medal Day ceremonies, 5/5/1930. (2.3M)