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Contents of CSA #2526

Case File of C. Francis Jenkins
Committee on Science and the Arts
1913 Scott Medal (for Motion Picture Apparatus)

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"The man who will receive tonight these awards for a useful invention, cunningly conceived and skillfully executed, has probably done more to perfect the Moving Picture Machine and to widen its field of usefulness than any other. This simple statement should be sufficient to excite in us a feeling of gratitude to him who has so largely contributed to our amusement and education by materially assisting in bringing the Moving Picture Machine to its present high state of development."

This quote comes from the remarks made introducing C. Francis Jenkins on Medal Day in 1913 (available on this page). It summarizes the essence of his award.

Also available: A full presentation of CSA #1946, which contains information about Jenkins' 1897 Cresson Medal awarding his invention of the Phantoscope.