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The Dispute Documents - 1

Browse through correspondence in the C. Francis Jenkins Phantoscope case file related to the dispute between Jenkins and Armat.

Jenkins to Hoadley
Jenkins Letter to Hoadley, expressing unwillingness to consent to giving Armat copies of letters, 11/20/1924. (1.9M)

Secretary to Armat
Acting Secretary Letter to Thomas Armat, relaying Jenkins' wishes that letter copies not be given to Armat, 11/28/1924. (2.6M)

Secretary to Jenkins
Acting Secretary Letter to Jenkins, informing him that he wrote to Armat and told him the incident is closed as per his request, 11/28/1924. (2.5M)

Edison to The Franklin Institute
Thomas Edison Letter to The Franklin Institute, inquiring about Jenkins' receipt of the Elliott Cresson Gold Medal, 12/5/1924. (2.7M)

Secretary to Edison
Acting Secretary Letter to Edison, informing that permission must be granted by Jenkins before releasing documents to him, 12/9/1924. (3.0M)

Insull to Eglin
Samuel Insull Letter to Eglin, notifying that Mr. Dyer will be contacting him in regards to Edison and the Jenkins award, 7/9/1925. (1.5M)

Insull to Eglin
Samuel Insull Letter to Eglin, enclosing letter to Mr. Dyer and presenting idea that subject should be re-opened of who was the inventor of the motion picture projector, 7/9/1925. (1.5M)

Eglin to Dyer
Eglin Letter to Dyer, agreeing to meet with him in Philadelphia, 7/13/1925. (1.2M)

Eglin to Insull
Eglin Letter to Insull, agreeing to look up the matter in question, 7/13/1925. (1.2M)

Dyer to Eglin
Frank L. Dyer Letter to Eglin, attempting to set up a visit to the Institute, 7/14/1925. (1.8M)

Eglin to Dyer
Eglin Letter to Dyer, informing that McClenahan and Hoadley will meet with Dyer if he is not available, 7/16/1925. (1.9M)

Assistant to Eglin
S&A Assistant Letter to Eglin, will look through file of the case and write if any modification of the case is needed, 7/17/1925. (2.8M)

Assistant to Eglin
S&A Assistant Letter to Eglin, notification that an attempt to modify the case had previously been made, 7/22/1925. (2.6M)

Dyer to Eglin
Dyer Letter to Eglin, asking for a correction of the injustice done to Armat and Edison and that the case be reopened, 10/20/1925. (2.0M)
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McClenahan to Eglin
McClenahan Letter to Eglin, informing that he put Mr. Dyer in touch with Mr. Hoadley, 10/21/1925. (1.4M)