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Browse through additional correspondence in the C. Francis Jenkins Phantoscope case file. Here you will find letters exchanged between Jenkins himself, Franklin Institute staff members, and members of the Committee on Science and the Arts.

Wahl to Heyl
Wahl Letter to Heyl, notifying that Levy's data relating to the history of the Phantoscope will be mailed directly to him, 8/28/1897. (1.4M)

Levy to Heyl
Levy Letter to Heyl, sending a translated abstract as per Wahl's request, 8/30/1897. (685K)

Hoadley to Wahl
Hoadley Letter to Wahl, regretting impossibility of attending Sub-Committee meeting on Jenkins' Phantoscope, 10/4/1897. (810K)
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Jenkins to Heyl
Jenkins Letter to Heyl, requesting a hastening of official notification on the Committee's final action regarding the Phantoscope, 9/17/1898. (1.9M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, requesting a copy of the Committee's final action for incorporation into his volume on animated pictures, 9/17/1898. (1.9M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, apologizing for being unaware of the Institute's practice in regard to awarding of medals, 9/22/1898. (1.8M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, acknowledging receipt of reports on the Phantoscope and protest of Mr. Armat, and thanking the Institute and Committee for great honor, 10/7/1898. (1.9M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, sending a copy of "Animated Pictures," a history of chronophotography, 10/17/1898. (2.1M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, acknowledging the request for a copy of "Animated Pictures" for The Franklin Institute's library, and promising to send one once he can insert mention of his award, 10/19/1898. (2.1M)

Jenkins to Wahl
Jenkins Letter to Wahl, in receipt of letter of the 20th, 10/22/1898. (1.6M)

Jenkins to Bullock
Jenkins Letter to William P. Bullock, with thanks for the opportunity to donate a replica of the Phantoscope that The Franklin Institute had at the time it bestowed the award, 11/13/1914. (1.3M)

S&A Assistant to Jenkins
S&A Assistant Letter to Jenkins, acknowledging receipt of the machine, 11/18/1914. (2.2M)

S&A Assistant to Owens
Science and Arts Assistant Letter to R.B. Owens, handing over the replica Phantoscope, 12/2/1914. (2.5M)

Brockett to Owens
Paul Brockett Letter to R.B. Owens, requesting a record of reasons the Institute awarded Jenkins his medals, 10/31/1919. (1.4M)

Secretary to Brockett
Secretary Letter to Paul Brockett, suggesting that Mr. Brockett contact Mr. Jenkins for copies of the 1897 Cresson and 1913 Scott Medal reports, 11/5/1919. (2.5M)