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Dr. Edwin Hubble: Study of Extragalactic Nebulae, 1939

A Promise

Hubble attended the University of Chicago, where he earned an undergraduate degree in astronomy and mathematics in 1910. He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship that same year, and traveled to England to study at Queen's College, Oxford. While there, Hubble continued to exercise his athletic abilities, but did not apply himself to the study of astronomy. It was a promise made to his dying father that saw Edwin instead pursuing law, while also studying literature and Spanish. He received his law degree in 1912.


Letter from Henry Norris Russell to John Frazer, Offering personal opinions of Shapley, Hubble, and Eddington. "The Committee will make no error in awarding the Medal to any one of the three." 7/19/1938 (745k) | Page 2 (696k)


Letter from Robert A. Millikan to John Frazer, In favor of giving award to Edwin Hubble, 8/22/1938 (581k)