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Dr. Edwin Hubble: Study of Extragalactic Nebulae, 1939

A Great Honor

Hubble continued his work at Mount Wilson until 1942, when he sought to join the fight against the Nazis in World War II. He was involved in war duties at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, and his work there earned him the 1946 Medal of Merit for outstanding contribution to ballistics research.

Back in Pasadena after the war, Hubble was a member of the Mount Wilson advisory committee for development of the 200-inch Hale telescope and played a central role in its design. When construction of the telescope was completed at Mount Palomar Observatory, Hubble was given the great honor of being the first person to observe with it. The Hale telescope was four times as powerful as the Hooker telescope, and was the largest on Earth for several decades.

Hubble continued his research at Mount Wilson and Mount Palomar observatories until his death in San Marino, California, on September 28, 1953, from a cerebral thrombosis. He was 64 years old.


Letter from Edwin Hubble to Dr. Allen, Appreciating honorary membership of The Franklin Institute and informing of travel plans, 4/28/1939 (674k)


Honorary membership certificate to Edwin Hubble for recognition of his extensive study of the nebulae..., 5/17/1939 (383k)