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Dr. Edwin Hubble: Study of Extragalactic Nebulae, 1939

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In 1913, Edwin came home to the U.S. and was admitted to the bar. He set up a small law practice in Louisville, Kentucky, where his family had relocated. Hubble also spent time as a teacher of Spanish, Physics, and Mathematics, and a coach of basketball at New Albany High School in Indiana, but he soon found himself longing to return to the field of science. When the school term ended in 1914, Hubble went back to the University of Chicago for postgraduate studies and took a research post at the Yerkes Observatory. He received his doctorate in astronomy in 1917. Hubble was quite popular during his brief time spent teaching, as illustrated by this yearbook dedication:

"To Edwin P. Hubble, Our beloved teacher of Spanish and Physics, who has been a loyal friend to us in our senior year, ever willing to cheer and help us both in school and on the field, we, the class of 1914, lovingly dedicate this book."

Letter from W.F.G. Swann to John Frazer, Providing information evaluating Shapley, Hubble, and Eddington, 9/21/1938 (996k)


Letter from CSA Secretary to Dr. John C. Merriam, In appreciation for data provided from the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 9/22/1938 (846k)