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Catherine L. Gibbon: Improvements in Street Railway Construction, 1892


Catherine L. Gibbon was awarded the John Scott Legacy Medal in 1892 for "Improvent in Street Railway Track Construction." The sub-Committee report, dated April 1 of that year, can be found below, as well as the Gibbon Duplex Street Railway Track Claims for Superiority. Two separate report covers appear at right.

CSA Sub-Committee Report, Report and recommendation for John Scott Legacy Medal, 4/1/1892
Page 1 (1.2M)
Page 2 (1.2M)
Page 3 (1.2M)
Page 4 (1.2M)
Page 5 (1.1M)
Page 6 (1.2M)
Report, Gibbons Duplex Street Railway Track, Appendix, Claims for Superiority (Appen. A-O) (and duplicate), undated
Page 1 (853K)
Page 2 (857K)
Page 3 (901K)
Page 4 (733K)
Page 5 (911K)
Page 6 (860K)
Page 7 (818K)
Page 8 (880K)
Page 9 (819K)
Page 10 (798K)
Page 11 (817K)
Page 12 (622K)
Page 13 (788K)
Page 14 (656K)
Page 15 (824K)
Page 16 (711K)
Page 17 (981K)
Page 18 (696K)
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Page 21 (799K)
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