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Dr. Albert Einstein: Theoretical Physics, Relativity and the Photoelectric Effect, 1935

Personal Commitments

Einstein committed to his family, and throughout the course of his life he married twice and had three children. All three children were a product of his relationship with Mileva Maric, whom he encountered while he was a university student. Mileva was a classmate and a fellow scientist, and evidence suggests that she was instrumental in the development of some of her husband's theories. Einstein's children were called Lieserl, Hans Albert and Eduard, who was known as "Tete." Einstein eventually divorced Mileva, marrying his cousin Else L÷wenthal four months later.

Einstein was also deeply committed to his Jewish faith. His religious beliefs inspired him to grapple with philosophical thoughts and to champion the cause of Zionists and their quest for a Jewish home state in Palestine. He was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, though he declined this honor. He died three years later of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, bequeathing much of his writings and photographs to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Franklin Institute requested that Frau Elsa Einstein accompany her husband to the Medal Day exercises in the elegant invitation reproduced here. The following letter from Einstein indicates that his wife will unfortunately be unable to attend. It also apologizes for his and his wife's absence from Princeton on the date of a visit from Dr. McClenahan, which absence is indicated by the telegraph at right.