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Thomas Edison: Telephone, Electricity and Phonograph, 1915


In 1915, Thomas Alva Edison was awarded the Franklin Medal in Engineering for "Discoveries contributing to foundation of industries and the well-being of the human race."

The full text of the award citation reads: "In recognition of the value of his numerous basic inventions and discoveries forming the foundation of world-wide industries, signally contributing to the well-being comfort and pleasure of the human race."

The Committee on Science and the Arts report on Case File No. 2640 and 2641, dated March 3, 1915, is at right. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, of Leiden, Holland, also received a Franklin Medal that year, "in recognition of his long-continued and indefatigable labors in low-temperature research which have enriched physical science not only with a great number of new methods and ingenious devices, but also with achievements and discoveries of the first magnitude."