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Eckert and Mauchly: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC), 1949

The ENIAC Team

The ENIAC team was an assemblage of young engineering talents. It included practical jokers, immigrants and Ph.D. holders, and was led by Mauchly and Eckert with the wholehearted support of Goldstine. The members of the design team were: James Cummings, Kite Sharpless, Joseph Chedaker, Bob Shaw, John Davis, Chuan Chu, Harry Huskey, Pres Eckert, Captain Herman Goldstine, Arthur Burks, Brad Sheppard, F. Robert Michaels, and John Mauchly. Each team member was given a specific piece of the machine to engineer, and every schematic was drawn only after receiving Eckert's approval.

Pictured at right are members of the ENIAC team at work in the 1940s.

ENIAC team member Kite Sharpless responded to a request for informational references from The Franklin Institute. You can read the full text of his letter by clicking on the thumbnail at right.