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Combination:Calculating Machine and Printer, 1897


The prestige conferred on the company by the award clearly manifests itself in a change in the format of the company's letterhead. Take a moment to look over the two letterheads presented here, and you will be able to detect differences between the 1897 letterhead and that used in 1900, three years after Burroughs' receipt of the John Scott Legacy Medal. Both letterheads feature the Burroughs Registering Accountant, yet the earlier printing does so in a much more subtle fashion. The later 1900 letterhead moves the Registering Accountant to the center of the page, and adds an attention-grabbing flourish around its likeness. The font used for both the company logo and the accompanying subtext is bolder and more confident than that used for printing its predecessor. By simply looking at the company's newly-embellished letterhead, we can see that the passage of just a few years bolstered American Arithmometer's confidence and its capital.