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Alexander Graham Bell: Electrical Transmission of Articulate Speech, 1912


The Franklin Institute awarded Alexander Graham Bell the Elliott Cresson Medal in the field of Engineering in 1912 for "Electrical Transmission of Articulate Speech." Access the final report of the Committee on Science and the Arts by clicking the thumbnails below.

CSA Report
"Report of Special Committee on the Awarding of the Elliott Cresson Medal to Distinguished Scientists and Technologists," January 1912. (353K)

CSA Report
Page 2. (470K)

CSA Report
Page 3. (98K)

The endowment of the Franklin Institute Awards Program began with a gift of $1,000 from Philadelphia philanthropist Elliott Cresson to establish the Cresson Medal in 1848. Read more about Elliott Cresson (PDF file, 3.2M), from "The Franklin Institute Donors of the Medals and Their Histories."