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American Telephone & Telegraph: The Art of Telephony, 1916

Spreading the News

Letters went back and forth between The Franklin Institute and the AT&T Company: outgoing mail told the Company of its selection as the Elliott Cresson Medal recipient, and replies to The Franklin Institute revealed AT&T's appreciation of this prestigious form of recognition. Company Senior Vice President U. N. Bethell penned in his gracious response:

"this recognition of the Company's efforts to realize its desire to be of service to the American people is exceedingly gratifying, and will be a source of inspiration to our entire organization."
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Vail to R.B. Owens
Theodore Vail Letter to R.B. Owens (Secretary), Acknowledging receipt of March 8 letter, 3/9/1916. (1.2M)
U.N. Bethell to R.B. Owens
U.N. Bethell Letter to R.B. Owens (Secretary), In appreciation of great honor, 3/22/1916. (1.3M)