Your Brain Exhibit

This state-of-the-art exhibit will introduce visitors to one of the frontiers of science: the study and understanding of the human brain. Visitors will marvel at the capacities of their brain, wonder at its potential, and ponder its mysteries yet to be solved. Your Brain will be located in the Frank Baldino, Jr. Gallery, named in memory of a longtime friend and former Trustee of The Franklin Institute.

Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion

A new 53,000 square foot building addition, adjacent to Franklin Hall, will create much needed space for the Institute's cutting-edge exhibit on the brain, expanded climate-controlled traveling exhibition gallery, and educational program area. The new building will be LEED certified at the Silver level, ensuring that The Franklin Institute remains a responsible steward of the environment. LEED certified buildings reduce energy, saving operational costs each year.
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The Franklin Institute's Vision

To meet the needs of today's 24/7 learners, the Institute has an ambitious vision for enhancing and integrating programming throughout Greater Philadelphia and beyond. Activities include:
- Developing engaging, one-of-a-kind educational resources for self-directed learning
- Designing engaging classroom activities and school curricula that make formal education more fun and effective
- Providing multi-media resources to engage children, adults, and their families in learning online
- Celebrating science and engaging diverse audiences wherever they live, work, and play in discovering the science issues that are of the greatest interest and have the most potential to change the way we live and understand the world around us
- Providing a world-class museum experience to children, families, educators, and visitors from around the world


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