Giant Resource Book Grade 1-6, Evan -Moor EMC398   I found this book worth every penny.  It has wonderful selection of activities on the body and is a must for any elementary grade teacher!

Best Buy Science, Frank Schaffer Publisher   This is another book I found that had very good material for teaching this subject matter.

Amazing Pull Out Pop Out Body Book   A must for studying the body.  The book opens up to a life size look inside a human body!

Gareth Steven Publishing - An Inside Look Inside the Human Body. This company has a series of books that is loaded with information.



Magic School Bus in Ralphie   Learn about germs.

Magic School Bus for Lunch  Teach the children about digestion with this adorable tale.

Magic School Bus Flexes its Muscles   Teach about the muscles with this charming story.

Bill Nye / The Human Body  Put out by Disney, an adorable video about the skin and the circulatory system


CD for interactive games

My Amazing Human Body DK  If you buy anything, this is the one thing you must get for your children.  The children learn about the body from an adorable skeleton. A must buy!!


Internet sites

Enchanted Learning  .. Human Body: Label Me! Printout. Label the part of the human body. ... Picture dictionary. PreK/K Activities. Rebus Rhymes ... If you like Enchanted Learning, you'll  love it.

Human Body On line Tour  The human body is the most fascinating and fantastic machine in existence. No one understands all of its many mysteries, and no single source can do justice to its many parts. “This week, Education World.”

Learn about the Digestive system. This site also suggests books to read from a library.

Learn about the Circulatory System  A brief description with suggested materials.

Learn about the Excretory system  Suggested materials to use with students.

Learn about the Muscular system.  Check it out!

Learn about the Nervous System 

Learn about the Respiratory System

Learn about the Skeletal System  Check it out!

Tour of the Human Body A site to all systems and other fun things!

The American Heart Association has free worksheets and activities teaching about the heart. Press here

BBC - a site to view all systems of the body. Great pictures.  

The Brain is the Boss

Many little movies about the systems.

Human Body Adventure Great site for exploring all systems.

Neuroscience for Kids  An award-winning site for teaching the nervous system.

When teaching the nervous system, check it out for activities and information written for kids!




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