Wading In…

Classroom Investigations

A sample of investigations prior to our museum visit.


Real science begins with childhood curiosity, which leads to discovery and exploration.  Science in our early childhood classroom is not a complicated process, nor is it an activity that occurs separately from the normal classroom routine.   This project engages children in hands-on, minds-on inquiry science.


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Activity 1 – Fountains

Activity 2 – Absorb and Repel

Activity 3 – Water Mazes





Activity 1



Ask and Reflect

      I wonder how water flows?


Plan and Predict

      Children made fountains using Styrofoam cups and straws.  They made predictions.


Act and Observe

      Children observed how water flowed from one location to another.


Report and Reflect

      Children demonstrated the flow of water using their fountains.  They reported on the process and made any modifications they needed on their fountains needed.


Activity 2

      Absorb and Repel



Ask and Reflect

      I wonder what materials will absorb water and what will repel water?


Plan and Predict

      The children theorized which solids would absorb or repel water. They charted their predictions.


Act and Observe

 The children explored using various objects that repelled or absorbed water. 


Report and Reflect

          The children classified items that absorbed in one pile and that repelled in another.




Activity 3

      Water Mazes


Ask and Reflect

        I wonder if we can control the path of water?


Plan and Predict

        The children designed mazes and predicted if water would follow the paths.


Act and Observe

        The children worked cooperatively in small groups. Mazes were built out of clay to design a path for water to follow. 


Report and Reflect

        Sharing observations with others is an important part of the scientific process.

Children worked cooperatively in small groups and shared their findings.



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