School Activities


Activity 1

                                                                   Comparing Balls

Activity 2

                                                                   Distance and Texture

Activity 3

Foil Balls and Ramps

Activity 4

Constructing balls for Franklin Institute Trip

Activity 5

Constructing ramps for Franklin Institute Trip



Teaching Plans


Lesson 1


Materials:  various types and sizes of balls


1.                  Begin the unit by discussing the properties of same/different for each ball displayed.

2.                  Ask each student to tell me one question that they would like to discover about balls.

3.                  Teacher writes their questions on chart paper.

4.                  Teach presents questions and writes other questions beneath student’s questions if students did not raise these questions.


a)      Are all balls made out of the same material?

b)      Do you think that materials effects the way a ball acts?

c)      How can we find out answers to our questions?


5.                  When given the response of, “experiment with balls”, various balls of different materials are distributed to four groups to play with balls.

6.                  After playing with various balls, teacher redirected the attention to the questions asked prior to experiments.

7.                  If any of the questions were answered, the response was noted in the Science Notebook kept by each student under the title, “What We Discovered”).


Lesson 2


Materials:  ruler, tape measure, tape to set line, pencil or maker, 3 books (each 1 inch thick), stiff boards (8x12), 3 to 5 round objects (marbles, softballs, beach ball), various materials to cover 8x12 boards such as (sandpaper, plastic wrap, carpet, aluminum foil, and newspapers)


1.                  Refer to the list of questions raised in Lesson 1 and add:


a)      How does distance change when you vary the weight of the object you roll?

b)      What effect does the texture of the inclined plane have on the distance?


2.                  Students experiment to discover answers and record in Science Notebook.


Lesson 3


Materials:  foil ball, ramps, foil ball with 1 penny in the middle, foil ball with 2 pennies in the middle


1.                  Refer to list of questions from Lesson 1 & 2.

2.                  Ask the students to predict how three foil balls will roll down the ramp with one penny and two pennies inside.

3.                  Write or draw their predictions in their Science Notebook.

4.                  Experiment using foil balls with different weights.


Lesson 4


Materials:  Various materials for making balls


Lesson 5


Materials:  Various materials to make ramps




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