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Flushing Away Our Future

The water resources span lower primary to lower secondary levels. Three educators in the United States and two in the United Kingdom focus on the global issue of water conservation.

Water Savers: "Everywhere we look around the world, communities are dealing with the serious issues caused by a shortage of water...We hope that the ideas and information presented here will inspire you and your students to join in the conservation effort and become part of the SWISH TEAM—Student Water Investigators Showing How (to conserve and improve water quality)."
Target: Lower primary | Author: Terry Hongell | Community: Sleepy Hollow, New York, US

S.W.I.S.H., (Student Water Investigators Showing How): "Water plays an important role in our lives. Teaching students to use water wisely can help prepare citizens who will be concerned enough to ensure that there is plenty of safe, clean water for the future. The big question to have students try to answer is, 'What is the cost of not conserving?'"
Target: Upper primary | Author: Carla Schutte | Community: Brooksville, Florida, US

Water: "Water conservation is often not thought about in countries where water is plentiful. It is, however, becoming more of an issue in some developed countries including the UK and USA, where shortages and restrictions on water usage are becoming commonplace. This site provides a range of activities to stimulate students to look after this valuable resource and be more conscious of global water conservation issues."
Target: Lower secondary | Author: Irene Pratsides | Community: Essex, UK

Water Project: These pages "are all about water...For each water topic, there are three types of pages: fact sheets, activities and answers. There are also science investigation help pages for students and teachers...The project is designed to be flexible to your needs. Your students can work through the whole project, or you can pick individual activities for them to do. All the pages within the project fit into the UK national curriculum, but equally could be used by international educators."
Target: Lower secondary | Author: Julie Bond | Community: Haverhill, Suffolk, UK

Flushing Away Our Future: "Have you ever thought how changing just one action could effect your life? Toilet flushes are responsible for 40% of indoor water use. That's a lot of water! How much is it exactly? How can you save water by just focusing on toilet use?"
Target: Lower secondary | Author: Stephanie Stevenson | Community: Jacksonville, Florida, US