About the Author

These resources can be used as additions to a lesson or series of lessons about health or healthy eating.

My suggested route through the pages would be:


A week before you start
  • Tell the students that you're going to do a topic on healthy eating
  • ask them to monitor their diets using the diary page
  • Suggest that they keep an eye out for labels on foods which give them information about nutritional values of foods.
The first lesson
  • Elicit the nutrients on which you wish them to focus (A teacher led brainstorm should work well)  The food labels could be used here.
  • Give them the tasksheet
  • Help them to find the necessary data and enter it into the spreadsheet.
The second lesson
  • Give them the presentation hint sheet get additions to write around the edges from the students.  You may wish to give a "badly prepared" demonstration for them to criticize.
  • Help them to get the information from the spreadsheet to the presentation
  • Give them time and possibly a homework to prepare their presentations and evaluation sheets if they are using them.
The third lesson
  • Give the students a little while to set up then try to stick to a schedule for presenting the work
Follow up work
  • You could plan a class display of targets or for awareness raising in the wider school or community
  • You could keep a class diary in which any action is recorded
  • Students could write articles for the school paper/magazine