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Flushing Away Our Future

Flushing Away our Future, another S.W.I.S.H investigation, focuses on one part of water conservation: toilet flushes. The big question is, "What is the cost of not conserving?" and is the same as in the intermediate S.W.I.S.H. lesson. This time students have to weigh the benefits of the dollars from the beach tourist industry with the water being flushed away.

Have you ever thought how changing just one action could effect your life? Toilet flushes are responsible for 40% of indoor water use. That’s a lot of water! How much is it exactly? How can you save water by just focusing on toilet use?

All users are responsible for smart water usage. Wise water use is crucial to our environmental health, general well being, and our future!

Most of us use far more water than we need. The average adult needs only 2.5 quarts of water a day to maintain health, but an average person uses between 60 to over 300 gallons per day! By practicing water conservation, we can reduce the amount of water use in our homes between 30 to 40%.