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Student Worksheets
The Biology of Aging Survey 1 - 2 weeks prior to beginning The Biology of Aging module, students will conduct three interviews with individuals over the age of 60.
Role Play Cards Engage activity: Teams assume roles to introduce the topics of age and life expectancy.
Role Playing Student Activity Sheet Engage activity: Questions that accompany Role Play Cards
Aging Theory Cards Elaborate Activity: Student teams investigate the various scientific theories on aging.
Enrichment Credit Optional Project Enrichment credit is the original model for The Biology of Aging project. Students receive quarterly credit for outside Biology activities, which include volunteer activities.
Why We Age Explore Activity: Quotation to engage students in a discussion of why we age
Grandmother Singletree quotation Explore Activity: Quotation to engage students in a discussion of perceptions of aging
Class Height, Hair Color, and Sex Chromosome Graphs Explain Activity: Students graph each students height and hair color to show continuous traits. They graph each student's sex to show a discreet trait.
Maximum Animal Life Span Chart Explain Activity: Students look at animal life spans to investigate whether there is a genetic component to aging.
Aging Population Graph Explore Activity: Students look at the projected increase in population size of the 65+ age group.
Teacher Materials
Life Span vs. Life Expectancy Explore Activity: Teacher background on the difference between the terms life span and life expectancy
Genetic Variation Activity Explain Activity: Introduces students to discreet vs. continuous traits
Cell Growth and Differentiation Elaborate Activity: Teacher background on cell growth and differentiation.
Aging Theories Elaborate Activity: Teacher background on the various theories of aging that will be presented to student teams.