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What's the cost of not conserving?

Do you know what xeriscaping is?

The word xeriscape was originally a trademark of the Denver Colorado Water Department. It comes from the Greek word xeros which means dry. It is pronounced zir-i-scape. Xeriscaping is the term for using practices which create a water conserving landscape.

Xeriscaping conserves water and that helps protect the environment. To xeriscape you use appropriate plants and group them with others that have the same water needs. You use an efficient watering system and add mulch to keep water from evaporating as fast.




Can you discover the answers to these? Use the resources below to help you learn more about xeriscaping, to create a plan for your home or school, or to help others learn more about it.

How much water can you save by using xeriscaping?

What are the 8 things you need to do if you want to xeriscape your yard?

What is the Oasis zone and where should a homeowner plan to put an Oasis zone?

How would you know what type of plants will be in the drought tolerant zone?

What is a natural zone and where would a homeowner use a natural zone?


The Swiftmud Landscaping pages can help you find out more.

Xeriscaping-Webcoast Tampa Bay will show you some plants and tell you how to begin setting up a plan for your landscaped areas.

Principles of Xeriscaping includes a section on planning, use of mulch, water-efficient plants, and soil preparation.

Principles of Xeriscape Gardening lists the eight basic principles of xeriscaping.

Creating a Water-Wise Landscape covers the steps needed to plan and create a xeriscape area.