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Online Links for Kids

Use the following links to learn more about water and water conservation. Use the back button on your browser so you can return to this page and make another selection.

View the S.W.I.S.H. slide show and see if you can get all of the clues correct.

Play the Mr. Leaky Water Saving Adventure Game. (You will need the Flash plug-in to play.) Find the leaks and fix them to win online medals.

Play the Watershed Game - an interactive game for students in grades 4-8. As you learn about watersheds, you will make choices and then see how they affect the watershed.

Visit Four Ways to Save Water. Use this interactive site to find out more about how to conserve water.

Take a Ranger Rick Water Tour and learn about the water cycle and some conservation tips. Just follow the blue pawprints and click on them to go from page to page. Take the Water Quiz when you are done. Your answers will be checked for you so you can see how you did.

Learn about groundwater and aquifers. Find out how to build an edible Aquifer at the Cool Groundwater Activity site.

Click on the rooms of a house to learn how to save water in that area using this cool animated Conservation House.

Find out how to save water outdoors by clicking on this animated yard.

Water Conservation for Kids Learn how you can conserve water and use what you learn to inform community members or younger students at your school.

Use the Water Conservation Glossary to help you learn some of the words you may need to know. See if you can create a crossword puzzle for others to solve using some of these words.

How much water does a dripping faucet waste?
It may be only a small drip coming from a leaky faucet but a lot of waster can be wasted. Use the online calculator to find out more.

Plant smart and xeriscape. Learn more about saving water outdoors by landscaping areas to use less water.

Take a water quiz.Try a true/false quiz to see how much you know about water.

Learn about ground water - the source of most of our water. Find out why there is ground water. Are all the terms about aquifers and ground water confusing? Well, look here to see diagrams and find out all you need to know.

Participate in a survey about water. Answer the 4 questions to reflect your views. See how others around the world answered the same questions when you finish.

Help with data collection by answering a questionnaire. Information is being collected world wide on questions such as how much water you use a day and where do you get your drinking water. Add to the data and see how others around the world answered.

Kids Publications and student newsletters with activities and articles just for kids. These are pdf files and will download to your computer so you can do activities and puzzles.You may need to have an adult help you download these. Be sure not to miss the conservation issue.

American Hydro Water School - Learn how water affects everyone, everyday of their life.