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Try your hand at creating a crossword puzzle with clues for some of these terms. Challenge a friend or classmate to complete your puzzle. There are many software programs which will create puzzles for you, some are even online. Try Discovery School's Puzzlemaker.


Glossary for Water Conservation:

Aquifer - An aquifer is a geological (created by rocks) formation containing water. Like the holes in a sponge, an aquifer has openings or pores that can store water. Water for drinking is drawn up to the surface by a well or spring. The world's largest aquifer is the Ogallala Aquifer, which extends from Nebraska to Texas. Since water seeps down through soil into the aquifer, the soil filters the water.

Desalination - a process that removes the salt from seawater by removing salt and other minerals from it.

Ground water - is underground water that has seeped into the ground and is being held in soil and rock. Ground water that is pumped from underground aquifers makes up much of our water supply. Ground water can be found beneath the surface almost everywhere on Earth. Within the U.S. approximately half of the population depends on ground water. (Find out more at Groundwater basics http://www.groundwater.org/GWBasics/gwbasics.htm)

Hydrologic cycle - another name for the water cycle.

Percolation - The movement of water through the openings in rock or soil.

Reclaimed - water that has received at least secondary treatment and can be reused for outdoor irrigation. Reclaimed water is high quality and has no smell. Reclaimed water is an alternative water source for some purposes.

Reuse - is taking water from a wastewater treatment faciliting and treating it so it can be used for irrigation and other uses according to the rules set up by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Rehydration - is a process in which the amount of water going into the aquifer is increased by adding storm water or reclaimed water to the surface of well fields and wetlands.

Reverse Osmosis - a process used to desalinate seawater. Water flows through a long tube with layers of material inside which removes salt as the water passes through.

Surface water - water in bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans and streams. Suface water accounts for a portion of the water supply.

Xeriscape - To xeriscape you use appropriate plants and group them with others that have the same water needs. You use an efficient watering system and add mulch to keep water from evaporating as fast.

Need more information or other water conservation terms? See the Water-Science Glossary of Terms for an extensive list.