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Free Items available from the Groundwater Foundation including "Let's Make a Difference: Mobilizing for Community Action" - a motivational guide that will jump-start your community involvement project.

Free Conservation Materials from the Tampa Bay Water Department. Some are in PDF format such as Pin Point the Leak which offers easy directions for fixing simple leaks and Leaks are Easy to Find.

Mr. Leaky Water Conservation Coloring Book and Buster Backflow Comic are PDF files from the Sacramento Area Water Works Association. Students might find these helpful to use with younger brothers and sisters and classes of lower grade students in their school as they share their knowledge.

Making Ripples - How to Organize a School Water Festival
Are you interested in organizing a water festival in your school but aren't quite sure what to do? Making Ripples will take you step-by-step through the planning and implementation of a school-based water festival. This useful guide is full of information regarding fundraising, recruiting presenters, planning activities as well as other elements that make a festival a success. In addition, Making Ripples includes a timeline for festival planning and a section of games and activities that can be adapted for all types of school festivals.

An Awesome Aquifer Adventure
Watch this informative and entertaining video to learn all about the Awesome Aquifer Club (AAC). Hear from students, teachers, government officials and the AAC mascot, G.W. Gecko, as they talk about this exciting groundwater education program. Order this fun video and you will also receive instructions on how you and your classroom or youth group can join the Awesome Aquifer Club. You too can start learning about groundwater and how to protect it.

Making Discoveries: Groundwater Activities for Classroom and Community
What is an aquifer? How does groundwater get contaminated? Find the answers to these questions and more in this new publication from The Groundwater Foundation. Through interactive water education experiences, students learn concepts in science, math, language arts, social science, fine arts, and physical education. Making Discoveries helps you to broaden the scope and depth of knowledge about our planet's most precious resource--water! "Water Word Hunt," "Nature's Filter," and "Wiggling Water" are just a few of the exciting, hands-on activities that children will enjoy.

The JUG: Just Understanding Water
This fun and educational self-contained groundwater JUG comes with everything you need to construct your very own groundwater flow-model. JUG comes with needed accessories, detailed activities, and instructions for experiments which enable the user to understand such aspects of groundwater as: Aquifer Geology, Water Movement, Water Extraction, Groundwater Contamination and Cleanup

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