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What's the cost of not conserving?

How much water does a leaky faucet waste? Some people may say it is just a little drip. How much can it waste? Well, now you can find out.

The link to the calculator on this page will help you figure out how much water is wasted when one or more faucets in a home, school, or other building is dripping.

Print out the chart below and fill in the information for several different examples in the first 2 columns.

Put the examples you wrote down into the online calculator. Click on the calculator submit button to see the results. Write the answers to how many gallons are wasted in 1 day and 1 year on the chart for each of your examples.

To begin with, try 20 drips per minute. Then experiment with other drip amounts.

Number of houses or schools Number of leaky faucets in each Number of Drips per minute Gallons wasted in 1 day Gallons wasted in 1 year

What do you think? Do little leaks count and add up to a lot of wasted water?

Estimate water waste by using the Dripping Faucet Calculator.