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Have you ever wondered how much water you use when taking a bath?

Do you half fill the bath so it just covers your waist when sitting in the bath or do you put in enough water to completely cover your body when you slide in?
Whatever you do, it's a lot of water.
If we are going to try to be more aware of conserving water, we need to be able to think of ways of helping people to tackle the problem at home.
This is your challenge.

There are four tasks you need to do to undertake this challenge.

1. Work out how much water you use when taking a bath. If you want a clue how to do this click here.

2. Design a gauge which can be stuck to the inside of a bath telling you how much water you are using. If you want a few hints click here.

3. Design a leaflet to launch this gauge.

4. Give a presentation of all your research and design ideas. The presentation could be to another Year group in your school, the Governors, a local Junior school or your local Water Authority. If you want a few helpful hints click here.