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Who is this site for?

  • KS3 students [7th-9th Grade]
  • Science clubs
  • Gifted and Talented student groups

What's the purpose?

To raise the awareness of students to the concept of and need for water conservation, as this is something that impinges on all our lives.

Water conservation is often not thought about in countries where water is plentiful. It is, however, becoming more of an issue in some developed countries including the UK and USA, where shortages and restrictions on water usage are becoming commonplace. Although these are usually in the form of restrictions on watering gardens and cleaning cars, they occasionally involve the use and regulation of standpipes.These temporary inconveniences cannot compare to the more extreme water shortages experienced in many parts of the world such as Zambia in Africa and China in Asia, where water shortages have devastating effects on human life.

This site provides a range of activities to stimulate students to look after this valuable resource and be more conscious of global water conservation issues.

What is in this site?


  • Interactive Quiz - how much do you know about water and water usage?
  • Invention Challenge - calling all student inventors! Can you design a device which will inform bath users about the volume of water they use when filling a bath?
  • Investigation - how much water does your school waste each day? Check out the dripping taps and measure how much water is lost.
  • Inspiration Centre - photos and poetry to stimulate creative thinking and writing activities



  • Students' resources section, including a factfile providing information about water and the reasons why conservation matters, together with links to useful websites
  • Teachers' resources section providing UK National Curriculum links and websites